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Gum care

A person with a white smile and no cavities does not diminish the importance of the gums because oral health is so important to what is seen as what is not.

Periodontics is the branch within dentistry that is expected to evaluate and treat disease related to the tissues that serve as a foundation to the teeth.

The most common gum disease are gingivitis, periodontitis, mucositis and periimplantitis perlimplantaria.

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It occurs by several causes such as viruses, bacteria and even genetics may be involved but the most common will be poor dental hygiene. The treatment for gingivitis is simple.

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If tartar buildup begins to appear on the teeth and this is beginning to gather in the gum periodontitis is the result as tissue destruction begins. If the patient lets it advance and will not get treated, teeth will move and may be lost.

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Peri-implant mucositis

This is the swollen mucosa and tissue surrounding an implant, treatment exists but if not treated properly it will become perimplantitis.

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Is the result of an untreated peri-implant mucositis, no longer just the mucosa which is damaged but the problem is already deeper and may cause bone loss.

Gum Care | Dr. Claudia Rojas

The evaluation is simple and is mainly oriented to check if the gum is not red or swollen. A healthy gum should not hurt.

Treatment will focus on reducing inflammation and redness in the gum line. Professional deep cleaning will be done removing tartar that could be damaging.

Once the deep cleaning is done, the patient should be more careful with oral hygiene and the specialist will give you indications.

Is very important to have a professional dental cleaning at least 2 times a year, use antibacterial mouthwash, you can also try orthodontics to repair misaligned teeth.

Get your natural smile back

Following your dentist indications will decrease the problems until it disappears, if you have pain or other symptoms in your gums, call and make an appointment, diagnosis and treatment is simple, you will feel better and will think “why I had not done it before”?, call today.

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