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It is difficult to find someone who will have a perfectly natural smile, thanks to orthodontics having a perfect smile is now possible.

Orthodontics is responsible for the study of the position, structure and development of teeth and jaw. The main objective of orthodontics is to achieve functionality and aesthetics in the mouth.

For orthodontic treatment there is no age limit, however it is more common in preadolescence between the ages of

11-15 y/o

Orthodontics main goals:

  • Align the position of the teeth

  • Correct the bite

  • Close spaces between teeth

  • Align aesthetically lips and teeth

Nowadays is very common to see people with braces who have passed adolescence and adults between the ages of 20 and 40 having orthodontics.

There are also cases in which early treatment can begin around the age of 6 since it will be easier to modify the development of the teeth, this is known as interceptive orthodontics.

Types of appliances

There are two types of appliances to correct the position teeth: fixed and movable.


Better known as braces, metal squares which are placed on the teeth and connected by metal wires.

Orthodontics | Tijuana


Helps lead the eruption of teeth in the correct position, are most common for children.

Get the smile you've always dreamed of

If there is any problem of misaligned teeth on yourself or your children, call and make an appointment, allow yourself a beautiful smile.

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