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Dental Zirconia Crown | Tijuana

Zirconia Crowns

Best in aesthetic

To this day it is possible to own a charming smile just by approaching a reliable dentist who is updated and experienced in the subject someone who will suggest the steps that follow to change that smile that does not satisfy you to a more aesthetic and attractive smile.

Nowadays society gives great importance to appearance, people who have beautiful and healthy teeth are also those who smile more frequently as they show more confidence and trust in themselves.


Why zirconia crowns?

These are the latest and best in aesthetic dental treatment, which compared to other procedures they have many advantages.

  • Very similar to natural teeth.

  • Are biocompatible, this means that it is compatible with the body and does not produce rejection when placed.

  • More resistant.

  • It allows the use of longer bridges up to 14 individual pieces joined and not only individual crowns.

  • They can match the color of your teeth.

  • Because of its smooth surface it limits the adhesion of plaque.

  • Does not cause allergies.

  • It is a long term procedure, however, a routine checkup is recommended at least once a year.

Make your dream smile a reality

If you need a more aesthetic look and are considering crowns, choose zirconia, is the noblest and best material for humans now in addition to its many advantages. If you have the possibility give yourself the opportunity. Call and make your appointment today so that you can shine with your new smile.

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