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Dental Implant | Tijuana

Dental Implants

One of the most reliable treatment for missing teeth.

Dental implants are titanium inserts and are placed in the jawbone, these are performed by minor surgery and they replace the lost root of a tooth or teeth.

Dental implants began to be held in the 1980s, became very recurrent in dentistry and its success is over 95%.

The implant will be the support of what can be a crown, bridge or denture, these are not part of the implant but where there is an implant usually there will be a procedure like the ones mentioned.

They are made of titanium because the material is lightweight, strong and has biocompatibility with the human body, is not rejected by the body, or are allergic, thereby obtaining an integration with the bone in which it is introduced. Implants will also help keep the shape of the jaw holding the face skeleton, also helping to maintain the appearance and shape of the face.

Types of implants

There are three types of implants: Implants for removable dentures, multiple placement and per unit.

The implant unit

Is the simplest because it is a single tooth, the implant is placed and right after, the crown will replace the lost tooth and will be impossible to distinguish if is an artificial tooth.

The removable denture implant

Is used to replace not only teeth but also bone and tissue lost, once damaged it affects lips, cheeks and face. This type of dentures on implants have different methods to make them or remove them allowing to clean and confirm the firmness and strength.

Multiple substitution

Following the procedure in which several implants are placed, they are placed on pillars and the pillars screwed on the bridge. This is done without affecting the teeth that are in good condition, getting the natural teeth integrated perfectly with the prosthesis and giving a more natural appearance.

Get your natural smile back

If you require a dental implant, make a call and make your appointment, your dentist could certainly clear all your doubts in a professional manner and do not forget that you will surely have a new and improved smile.

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